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preventive care

Alongside fantastic at-home oral hygiene, professional preventive care is the foundation of thriving teeth and gums! Our team can protect your child’s grin with thorough cleanings, fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and more, so they can confidently share healthy, happy smiles for life. Set your child’s smile up for success and book a preventive appointment today!

restorative treatments

If cavity-causing sugar bugs are having a heyday, we’re here to heal your little one’s smile and restore optimal oral health. From gentle composite fillings and pain-free pulpotomies to stainless steel or EZ Pedo white crowns, our experienced team delivers modern, comfortable care to mend your child’s smile and keep their teeth strong as they grow. Get your kiddo’s oral health back on track and schedule an appointment today!

Emergency Dentistry

We know that life can throw some curveballs when it comes to the health of tiny smiles. That’s why our dedicated team provides same-day care for children experiencing dental emergencies. Whether your little one has a prolonged toothache or their teeth have been injured in an accident, we’re standing by for your child’s smile. Give us a call right away at (209) 343-3500 to schedule a same-day emergency appointment.

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