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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns can be thought of as protective caps for your little one’s teeth. A crown is a restorative treatment for damaged, vulnerable, or aesthetically displeasing teeth. When teeth have large portions of the tooth structure missing, are weakened, or are susceptible to damage, a strong and durable material needs to be placed around it to protect it from wear and tear so the tooth doesn’t break. 

Often crowns are needed when your child has a large cavity that requires removing much of the tooth and replacing it with a large filling. Since fillings are only temporary and can wear away under chewing forces, a dental crown can be placed on top for more heavy-duty protection. This will also prevent tooth sensitivity. 

If your child has suffered from dental trauma, they may have a broken tooth. A dental crown can hold a broken tooth together, preventing it from falling apart and necessitating an extraction. 

Crowns are often placed over teeth after a pulpotomy or root canal because these procedures weaken the integrity and strength of the tooth. Crowns can also be used cosmetically, to cover up imperfections such as discoloration or an oddly shaped tooth. Call your kids dentist in Modesto for a consultation.

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Did you know…

A crown can be used to complete a tooth replacement such as a dental implant or bridge.

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What Crowns Do You Offer?

Stainless Steel Crowns

A stainless steel crown is a metal-based pediatric crown that is often used to protect primary teeth from damage, prevent them from breaking, or cover a large filling. While these crowns are silver in color, they are typically used in baby teeth, which will fall out on their own eventually anyway. 

These are the standard for primary teeth and heavily damaged teeth because they offer superior strength and durability. These crowns will last the entire lifespan of your child’s baby teeth so they don’t interfere with their permanent tooth development.

Zirconia Crowns

A zirconia crown is a more aesthetic alternative to stainless steel crowns because they are white in color and better match your child’s natural teeth. While stainless steel crowns have always been the gold standard for pediatric crowns, zirconia is another highly durable and strong material that can be just as effective and last just as long. 

If your child needs a crown on a front tooth that will show when they smile, they may prefer a zirconia crown. These crowns can last for up to 20 years and are suitable for permanent teeth. Questions? Call your Modesto children's dentist.

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Did you know…

A dental crown is a better alternative to dental bonding when the damage to the tooth is severe.

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Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are versatile in their use - they can be used to repair tooth damage, protect a weakened tooth, cover aesthetic imperfections, and treat severely decayed teeth. They are highly durable and strong, which means they’re long-term solutions to serious problems. 

High-quality dental crowns made of metal or zirconia can last for decades. Since a dental crown prevents an unhealthy or damaged tooth from falling apart, it can save a tooth from extraction. 

Extractions should not be taken lightly by your kids dentist in Modesto, CA because they lead to permanent bone loss that causes many issues, including a changing bite and premature facial sagging. Finally, dental crowns can look incredibly natural.

Did you know…

Dental crowns can be made of many different materials, from ceramic and porcelain to metal and zirconia.